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This post will help you to understand exactly how best to utilize your PBN sites in terms of maximum link value, as well reducing your chances of being penalized by Google.

Each of your sites have completely unique ip addresses so the only way Google will be able to tell that you own them, is if you were to link between your PBN sites – therefore please DO NOT link between your PBN sites!

Writing Content

We have suggested how to brand this site in your owners manual, however if you wish to change that brand, but all means you can do so.

When writing content, it’s extremely important to base the topics in your articles around the theme/brand of your site. We’ll talk about link injection shortly, however before that here are some other recommendations when it comes to the content on your site:

  1. Make sure your content is more than 200 words in length – 300-400 is preferable
  2. Try to include images in your content – you can get stock images for $1 over at
  3. Use subheadings when you can (H2) to make sure content even more legitimate
  4. Fill out the SEO details below using the All in One SEO Pack plugin (or install your own)
  5. Place NO MORE THAN 3 links per post – preferably 2
  6. All the power exists on your homepage, therefore we prefer to max each site out at 10 posts with no more than 3 links each (max of 30 links on the homepage)

Link Injection

Now we can presume that you probably won’t be linking to sites which are related to the brand associated to this one. That’s why you need to do what’s known as “link injection”. The best way to describe how this works is to show you an example:

PBN site theme: Coffee
Brand of site being linked to: Online Marketing
Anchor text of link: internet marketing

“It’s fairly obviously by now that the majority of those working in internet marketing tend to drink coffee. In fact we have had quite a few people comment on this blog mentioning that they find it difficult to work at a computer all day and NOT drink coffee.”

Anchor Text Variation

So as to prevent the sites you will be linking to from being penalized by a Google Penguin update, it’s important that you vary up the anchor text in your links as much as possible.

Use the ratio below as a guide:

Brand terms (Screw The Nine To Five): 30%
URL ( 30%
Well known link text (click here/more info): 20%
Images: 10%
Exact Match Keyword (eg. internet marketing): 5%
Broad Match Keyword (eg. internet marketing courses): 5%

I know the above ratio sounds a little crazy, but Google are looking closely as sites which contain a lot of links using the exact match keyword as the anchor text. They also prefer to see sites which contain a strong link profile leaning towards anchor text containing either the URL or brand terms associated with the site.

Finally if you have any questions about your PBN, please direct them to josh (AT)

Enjoy and good luck!